STUNNING & BRAVE: Local Woman Leaves Hair Salon In 80km/h Winds After Cut, Blow Dry & Highlights

FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS: A local woman is being praised for her bravery this evening.

Cynthia Thomas spent upwards of $450 today on a cut, blow dry and highlights at the ritzy Joh Bailey hair salon in Double Bay.

“After my cut, I was forced to wait in the salon for more than one hour,” she told DBT. “I was hoping the heavy winds would die down a bit, but to no avail.”

Then at 5.25pm, Ms Thomas boldly walked out onto Knox Street, amid wind gusts of up to 80km/h.

“I knew there was a risk my entire hair style would be messed up,” she says. “But I didn’t really have a choice in the end. The salon was about to close at 5.30pm.”

During the two minute walk to her car which was illegally parked nearby, Cynthia Thomas’ hair was in fact destroyed by the winds.

“While driving home, I called the salon to get one of the hairdressers to visit my place to repair the damage,” she says.

“But I’m running out of time, I’m meant to go out for dinner at 6.30pm.”

This is a developing story. DBT will keep you updated.