CURLY SITUATION: A Melbourne woman has taken a brave step forward today, ditching a decades old routine of always straightening her hair before she goes out.

“I needed some milk from the convenience store,” says Amanda Miller. “It’s only about 75 metres from my apartment, but it was a huge deal for me.”

The 34 year old says she saved at least 30 minutes not bothering to brush, straighten or blow dry out her curls.

“It felt super liberating, breaking the shackles of conventional beauty standards.”

“And luckily I didn’t see anyone I know, but I did feel maybe a slightly weird vibe from the convenience store worker, but not sure.”

Amanda Miller says she’s going to be telling her story to Marie Claire magazine, and hopefully leading a push for other women to embrace their natural curls, and even frizz.

“Soon I might even be going to parties like this,” she says. “Actually no, probably not, hahah.”