HOT PROPERTY: It’s the long-term goal of every real estate agent and buyer’s agent around the country: to be featured on Prime Video’s Luxe Listings Sydney.

Four of Sydney’s most esteemed agents – Gavin Rubinstein, Simon Cohen, D’Leanne Lewis and Monika Tu – currently have the honour.

But, with the 3rd season of Luxe Listings Sydney airing, DBT has released a handy starter kit for those keen to apply.

Top agents need to look like they’ve just walked off a catwalk, so designer clothes are crucial, along with a blue steel pout, as Gavin demonstrates in the photo above.

And it’s not just about walking the walk. You’ll also need the talk. Bring your A-grade banter and rockstar mentality.

Show applicants will also need to know their way around Sydney’s east without a GPS, and be able to recite every street in Bellevue Hill, Point Piper and Double Bay.

But you won’t go far without a strong contact list. I.e; if you don’t have Delta Goodrem on speed dial, then you probably don’t stand a chance.