Spike In Dating App Use As Singles Rush To Find One Partner To Ride Out COVID-19 With

Popular dating Apps Tinder and Bumble are reporting a spike in users as the coronavirus lockdown continues.

“Users are desperately trying to find someone to bunker down with during COVID-19,” says Tinder marketing manager Samir Soulos.

Rival app Bumble is also reporting a surge in numbers.

“But given the social distancing restrictions, we don’t know many how users are actually meeting up face to face,” says Bumble regional head Racheal Roche.

Bumble user Phil Wright says he’ll “pretty much settle for anyone.”

But ultimately he’s hoping to find a COVID-19 free, low-risk partner.

“The current dating regime begins on FaceTime, and then potentially moves on to a walking coffee date,” says the 29 year old.

“Obviously we have to be careful in terms of hygiene, but equally we don’t want to be alone for the next 6 months waiting for Corona to pass.”

And Phil Wright says he’s met four potential partners in the past 2 days.

“We’re all using lots of hand sanitiser,” he says.