The COVID-19 crisis has triggered yet another spike in activewear sales, as Australians pretend to exercise to avoid fines.

“I’ve been wearing activewear while hanging out with friends in the park,” says local woman Sylvie Beck. “If the police come, we can always just start doing sit ups.”

Activewear remains the number one choice of clothing to wear supermarket shopping, and it’s now also proving popular for working from home.

“When I’m working in activewear in my living room, I’m more aerodynamic and less susceptible to injury,” says Sylvie Beck. “Plus it looks pretty good in video chats.”

Dover Heights woman Beth Pemberton says she’s been wearing activewear all day everyday for the last month.

“Whether I’m exercising, pretending to exercise, working or shopping, activewear covers all basis,” she says.

It’s leading retailers to report a 45% lift in sales of leggings, t-shirts, crop tops and hoodies.

“Honestly, we didn’t think activewear could get any more popular,” says Lorna Jane.