‘Rupert dumped me because I couldn’t keep up with him in bed,’ reports Murdoch press

STAYING POWER: It was Rupert Murdoch’s insatiable energy and sexual prowess that led to him dumping his latest fiance, according to News Corp media outlets.

“Rupert is so good looking and I’m very sexually attracted to him,” Ann Lesley Smith, 66, is quoted as saying in The Australian newspaper.

“But unfortunately I just couldn’t keep up with him in the bedroom.” He’s like the energiser bunny.”

Last month Murdoch announced plans to marry Ms Smith, a dental hygienist turned conservative radio host.

“I tried everything to keep up with him,” Smith is quoted as saying in The Daily Telegraph

“Energy drinks, yoga, even a personal trainer. But nothing could prepare me for the Murdoch marathon. He’s an absolute machine.”

Meantime, an editorial in today’s Herald Sun says the media baron has a bevy of young beauties ready to step up.

“None of them even know he’s a billionaire,” says the newspaper. “They all just want to get into his pants because he’s such a stud.”