REPORT: Nobody Is OK

NOT OK: It’s the annual day when people are urged to ask ‘R U OK?’ to help start a conversation that might make a difference in someone’s life.

But a new report reveals that nobody is ok.

“It seems we’ve all been secretly hiding our inner turmoil behind well-rehearsed smiles and emojis in text messages,” says report author Geoff Sparks from UNSW.

Researchers asked 2000 Australians for an anonymous answer to the question ‘R U OK?’ to find 0% of them were.

I don’t know anyone who is OK right now,” one man told DBT. “Cost of living pressures, the housing crisis, climate change, war, the list goes on.”

“It’s already September, and not one good thing has happened to me this year,” says another man.

Some local supermarkets have even began stocking shelves with a new line of “Nobody Is Ok” merchandise, including T-shirts, mugs, and stress balls with sad faces on them.