Since MAFS ended a few weeks ago, cast member Rebecca Zemek has been in hard lock down, and it had nothing to do with covid-19.

“The last few weeks have been really difficult for me,” says the tearful 27 year old. “I haven’t been able to go out for fear of being abused by viewers.”

Zemek ended the reality TV series a villain, after mobile phone footage exposed her as a cheat.

“I tried going shopping a few times while wearing a face mask, but it was too suspicious, as very few people were wearing them at the time,” she says.

But now with mandatory face masks in public indoor areas, Zemek is breathing easy.

“It’s a huge relief. Today I went to Coles and just blended in with everyone else wearing a mask. Finally I can go out again!”

Zemek says she’s hoping face masks stay mandatory for as long as possible.