A ground breaking new report has confirmed that property buyers are in no way influenced by real estate agents who appear on billboards.

“Apart from feeding the real estate agent’s ego, the glamorisation of the profession helps nobody,” says Chris Winkour from the Real Estate Marketing Collective.

The study was triggered after a new wave of billboards featuring real estate agents popped up around Sydney’s eastern suburbs.

“Our research shows that only 2.2% of property buyers and sellers are concerned with how real estate agents look,” says Chris Winkour.

After qualitative interviews with 1500 people, the study found that pictures of actual houses and apartments are a significantly more effective marketing tool.

“The agents haven’t built the house, they’re not buying or selling it, nor have they lent the money for the mortgage,” says Chris Winkour.

“So we advise real estate agents avoid placing such a huge focus on themselves.”

Next the researchers will turn their attention to analyse the effectiveness of real estate agent videos.

“We suspect that footage of actual houses will help real estate agents more than videos of themselves walking down the street in slow motion while wearing sunglasses.”