A local real estate agent has announced the next brave step in his 9 year career.

“It’s time for me to take things up a notch,” says Jason Berner. “I’ve just listed myself as a public figure on Instagram.”

The 31 year old self-described ‘property influencer’ only has 213 followers, but he’s just employed a content marketing agency and PR firm to work along side him.

“I’m going to be a household name within 2 years,” he says. “This is just the start of my journey.”

DBT looked through his recent property videos to find they weren’t actually about property.

Instead they focus on his lifestyle, showing him walking down the street in slow motion with music and graphics.

“I know there’s demand for me,” he says.

Last week Jason Berner applied to Sky News to appear as a panelist on a real estate program but he’s yet to hear back.

More to come.