RBA boss spotted enjoying shorter queues at this year’s Easter Show, as few people can afford to go

FAST PASS: The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) Governor was seen galavanting around the Royal Easter Show today, making the most of much shorter than normal queues. 

When Philip Lowe was asked by a DBT reporter about unprecedented inflation and soaring cost of living affecting families nationwide, he responded: “Let’s focus on the silver lining.”

“It only took 5 minutes to line up for the Haunted House, and 3 minutes for the dodgem cars.”

The Royal Easter Show entry fee this year is $47 and with food, transport and showbags costing a small fortune, these days it’s an experience reserved only for high rollers.

“Fuck it, you can have whatever showbags you want,” Philip Lowe was overheard saying to his daughter.

“And how good is getting an Uber to the show? We don’t have to worry about parking or public transport or anything! haha”

Philip Lowe has faced widespread criticism for repeatedly saying interest rates would remain on hold, but then lifting rates many times.

“Lucky I’m not getting stung by high interest rates as we own our home outright,” he was overheard saying to his family.

“Otherwise we wouldn’t be able to afford all this stuff. Let’s go and get some more Fairy Floss for $8 each haha.”