Queen Elizabeth Announces Move Into Granny Flat At Harry & Meghan’s

A grieving Queen Elizabeth has arrived in California where she’ll take up residence at a granny flat in Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s backyard.

“Ultimately I would love to stay in the UK, but Buckingham Palace is way too big for me now,” she says.

“William and Kate are happy to visit me here in the USA, but Harry and Meghan are reluctant to travel, so it makes sense for me to move here.”

It follows the death of Her Majesty’s 99 year old husband Prince Philip yesterday.

Royal commentators say the Queen’s move to the USA marks the official end of the Royal Family.

“It’s a very sad development,” says commentator Simon Wadsworth. “Unfortunately Meghan Markle has got everything she ever wanted.”

And, the Queen will be forced to see out her final days without her beloved dogs.

“Meghan said I wasn’t allowed to bring my Corgis with me which is a huge shame, so I’ve had to re-home them in the UK,” says the Monarch.

More to come.