The Queensland Premier has announced the reopening of the border with New South Wales, effective today at 3pm.

“The decision gives people in NSW enough time to join family and friends in Queensland for Christmas,” says Anastasia Palaszczuk.

It follows a swift reduction in Sydney’s Northern Beaches covid outbreak, but Ms Palaszczuk acknowledges there was another big factor contributing to her decision.

“I met a really nice Sydney guy called Dave on Tinder,” she says. “We matched last night and he wants to meet me in Brisbane ASAP.”

“I think he’s from the Northern Beaches area, but whatever, I’m sure it’s fine.”

The Labor leader says the she’s looking forward to showing Dave the sites of Brisbane.

“We’ve talked about going for a cruise on the Brisbane Rover, but if I’m being totally honest, we might end up just chilling and watching Netflix at my place,” she says.

And Ms Palaszczuk hasn’t ruled out the prospect of closing the borders again quickly if required.

“I wont let this one get away (hahah)” she says.