QLD Premier Slowly Realising That Being A Power Tripping Bully Doesn’t Necessarily Stop Covid

The Queensland Premier is reportedly trying to come to terms with the harsh reality that draconian border closures and a bad attitude won’t necessarily stop Covid.

“Damn, I was pretty sure that locking up the state and tearing families apart would allow me realise my dream of covid zero for Queensland,” says Anastacia Palaszczuk.

But the virus, which continues to spread like wildfire around the world, has other ideas.

Queensland has been rocked by the emergence of four new locally acquired cases.

“Damn this whole covid thing is actually pretty unpredictable,” Ms Palaszczuk admitted to DBT.

“Maybe I shouldn’t have been such a bitch by ignoring Gladys’ friendly text messages over the years.”

It’s understood the Premier is now re-considering her proposal to keep Queensland’s borders closed even at 80% national vaccine coverage.

“Damn, I guess we really are all in this together,” she says.