PM’s Media Team Pre-Screening Flood Victims To Ensure They’ll Agree To Shake His Hand

SET PIECE: Scott Morrison’s media team has adopted a new strategy to avoid awkward on camera exchanges similar to when bushfire victims refused to shake his hand in 2020.

As the PM visits flood affected areas of NSW today, his media team are carefully pre- screening flood victims.

“We’re asking them if they’d be happy to appear on camera with the PM, and also, if they’d be willing to shake his hand,” a spokesperson told DBT.

“Essentially we’re looking for quiet Australians.”

So far there are reportedly no willing participants, as the PM has been accused declaring a disaster emergency too late, and also of not supporting flood victims enough.

“I think we’ll be able to find someone soon,” says the spokesman. “When we do, we’ll invite the media and then we’ll bring Scott out of his trailer where he’s waiting.”

More to come.