PM Promises Federal ICAC “As Soon As Australia Has 28 Days Of No Community Covid Transmission”

The Prime Minister is taking a leaf out of the Queensland Premier’s book, using ’28 days of no community transmission’ as a requirement for taking much needed action.

In Anastasia Palaczuck’s case, it’s about opening up the QLD/NSW border. In Scott Morrison’s case it’s about investigating corruption among the nation’s federal politicians.

“Getting on top of Coronavirus has to be our number one priority,” says the PM. “Corruption in Canberra is also a concern, but any formal inquiry will have to wait.”

Calls for a federal ICAC have been growing since the NSW Premier revealed her personal relationship with a disgraced former MP who is the subject of a corruption inquiry.

Virus experts say 28 days of no community transmission around Australia is completely unrealistic, and unlikely to happen within the next decade.

“We need to be patient, this could take a while,” says Scott Morrison.