CHRISTMAS GRINCH: The Prime Minister is calling out the big supermarkets for jumping onto the Christmas bandwagon “way too early.”

“It’s almost 50 days till Santa pays us all a visit, but my local Coles already looks like a scene out of National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation,” says Scott Morrison.

In Parliament today the PM called for a Royal Commission into why Australia’s biggest supermarkets are already ‘chock full’ of Christmas decorations.

“I’m fucking sick of Christmas already, and I’m a devout Christian,” he says.

“I’ve heard reports that Woolworths Double Bay is already playing Mariah Carey Christmas carols.”

DBT understands Scott Morrison plans to implement new laws next year preventing the supermarkets from using or selling Christmas decorations before December 1.

“This festive season, I’ll be doing all my shopping via Click and Collect,” says one shopper.

Neither Coles nor Woolworths were available for comment.