As social distancing rules are eased, increasing numbers of Australian’s face the very real prospect of wearing jeans again.

“I’ve been wearing nothing but pyjamas and activewear for the last two months,” says local woman Rachel Varcoe.

“But I tried on my jeans this afternoon and they didn’t fit. Not even close.”

And she’s not alone.

Mental health experts say the post lockdown torment of attempting to wear jeans again is causing significant anxiety and uncertainty.

“That’s why Canberra is committing $8.4 million dollars to telehealth and counselling services for those trying on their jeans again,” says Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

The Federal Department of Health says the average Australian has gained 1.84 kilograms during the Coronavirus pandemic.

“It’s a difficult time for many,” says the PM. “But our mental health plan will instil confidence in all Australians, so we can get this great nation moving again.”