PissFit: Fitness First now offering drinking endurance classes in preparation for silly season

NO PAIN, NO GAIN: With two weeks until Christmas, global gym chain Fitness First has begun offering new endurance based training classes.

“Our new instructor-led PissFit programme aims to increase our members’ alcohol tolerance,” says gym CEO Miles Harris. “It’s never too late to start training.”

Recent research shows 1 in 3 Australians drink to risky levels regularly, especially around this time of year.

“But if we can train ourselves to drink often, in large quantities, we can eliminate the risks – and the hangovers – so we can make the most of our holidays.”

Gym goers doing the classes say they’re noticing results quickly.

“I’ve transformed from an absolute lightweight into a proper endurance athlete in only two classes,” one man told DBT.

The gym chain is supplying the alcohol free of charge to members. But casual gym goers can also join the classes for $69 per session, all you can drink.

Fitness First says it also recommends the use of illicit drugs to give drinkers even more stamina.

“However for legal reasons we’re only giving out alcohol during our classes,” says Miles Harris.

PissFit classes are currently being offered around the country on Friday and Saturday nights, but will expand to other nights from next week.