Penrith man in yellow Lamborghini currently doing laps of Double Bay

HIGH ROLLER: An overly excited man from Sydney’s west is currently doing laps of Double Bay’s cafe strip in a bright yellow Lamborghini Diablo supercar.

“How good is it here?!” says an excited Marco Mattia. “I actually feel very at home here.”

The 47 year old is reportedly loudly revving his V12 engine, while busily looking around to see if anyone is checking him out in his car.

“It’s actually a bit quieter than expected here at 3pm on Saturday afternoon,” he says.

“I might stop for a quick coffee at Indigo then continue doing laps when things get a bit busier.”

And he’s not alone.

Double Bay locals report a heavy increase in bold and overstated men driving expensive sports cars in the area.

“They don’t appear to be here for any other reason than to garner attention,” says one local. “They think it’s like Monaco here or something.”

Mr Mattia says he has plans to linger around Double Bay’s cafe strip till at least 5pm, before making his way back to the Western suburbs via Leichhardt.

“I’ll probably also do a couple of laps of Norton Street before going home.”

It remains unclear how he afforded the Lamborghini, but there’s a growing theory he’s only taking it for a test drive.