HIRED HELP: A local woman is going to extreme measures to avoid waiting up to six hours to get a PCR test.

For $100 an hour, Jessica Clifford has hired a driver on Airtasker to do the waiting for her.

“Best deal ever,” she told DBT. “He’s sitting there bored out of his brain in his hot car and I’m sitting at home reading a novel and watching Emily in Paris.”

Ms Clifford has been deemed a close contact, but with rapid antigen test kits nearly impossible to come by, she’s been forced to get a PCR test.

The Vaucluse mother of two has instructed the driver to call her when he’s near the start of the line at the Rose Bay testing clinic.

“As soon as he calls, I’ll just hop in an Uber and go meet him there,” she says. “I’ll get in his car, take the test, then get an Uber home.”

As this story goes to print, Ms Clifford is in her fourth hour of waiting for the call.

“It should only be an another hour or so,” she says. “I might take a quick nap and then go to meet him.”

More to come.