Old Friends In Awkward Stand Off Over Fist Bump Or Regular Hand Shake

The lasting effects of the Covid-19 pandemic were felt on an awkward social level in Double Bay this morning.

Old friends Pat Riley and David Fleming ran into each other while on their way to work.

“We got in a bit of a tangle,” says Pat Riley. “I led with an open palm for a regular handshake, but he came in with a closed fist for a fist bump.”

It’s understood both men swapped greeting techniques at exactly the same time, further exacerbating the tension.

“You’d think after being friends for 13 years, we’d know how to say hello to each other,” says David Fleming.

The pair admitted to DBT their embarrassing stand off lasted for several seconds.

“In the end I put my hand over his clenched fist and shook it up and down,” says David Fleming.

“It was weird but I’m pretty sure our friendship is strong enough to deal with this hiccup.”

“Lets just hug it out.”