‘NYE Restrictions Strike The Perfect Balance,’ Says Cricket Fan With Harbour View & Only 5 Friends

A Sydney man is applauding the state government for its ‘brave yet effective’ implementation of covid restrictions over the new year period.

Max Marsh is looking forward to watching tonight’s fireworks from the sprawling balcony of his Vaucluse mansion with his five friends.

“Gladys and her team have made some tough decisions,” says the 36 year old trust fund recipient. “But I think they’ve struck the perfect balance.”

He welcomes the state government’s controversial new ruling reducing NYE house party guest numbers from 10 to 5.

“To be honest I could only find four people who wanted to come to my house anyway,” he says. “I’ve hired a bar man for the night, so it works perfectly for me.”

For almost everyone else, New Year’s Eve has become a shambles.

Many Sydneysiders have been forced into awkwardly uninviting close friends to their homes.

And those without views hoping to watch the fireworks from the harbour foreshore will be turned away.

“I don’t know what they’re complaining about,” says Max Marsh.

“Covid is a serious virus. Besides, everyone can go and watch the cricket at the SCG on January 7. I’ll be there in the members section. How good is test match cricket!”