NSW Police launch ‘Operation Nanna Watch,’ targeting frail grandmothers using walking frames

PENSIONER PATROL: NSW Police is setting its sights on elderly grandmothers who weigh 50 kilograms or less.

“These senior citizens may look innocent and harmless,” says Police Commissioner Mark Sparks. “But we believe they pose an unpredictable threat to public safety.”

“We’ve seen a growing number of incidents in which these people are using walking frames and even knitting needles as dangerous weapons.”

The ‘Operation Nanna Watch’ taskforce is made up of elite officers who will remain on high alert for suspicious looking grandmothers.

“Key warning signs are feeding too many pigeons, a passion for Bingo and carrying an unusually large number of Werther’s Originals,” says Mark Sparks. 

The new taskforce comes in response to an incident at a NSW nursing home which ended in police Tasering a 95 year old grandmother with a walking frame.

“No nanna is above the law,” says the Police Commissioner.