NSW Man Still Wearing Mask After Zero Infections In 40 Days, Clearly Just Avoiding Social Activity

A Sydney man has admitted that his move to continue wearing a face mask has nothing to do with covid-19.

“It’s just a great way to avoid having to talk to people I bump into on the street,” says Marc Danbury. “I reckon it saves me at least 30 minutes of small talk every day.”

He says he often sees acquaintances who don’t recognise him behind his mask.

“I love it,” he says. “Sometimes I also wear sunglasses to make sure of it. It’s awesome just cruising around completely under the radar.”

But with no new Coronavirus cases in New South Wales in more than 40 days, some say its high time Mr Danbury leaves his mask at home.

“Enough already,” one onlooker told DBT. “He’s clearly taking the piss at this point. Either he’s avoiding people, or it’s also possible that he’s just hiding some really bad acne.”

More to come.