DINE, DISCOVER & DRIVE: From one crisis to the next.

Dine & Discover vouchers were initially introduced to encourage spending within Australia’s covid ravaged hospitality industry.

Now they’re being used by NSW drivers to buy petrol, as Russia’s war in Ukraine continues to lift prices higher.

“Unfortunately we can’t cut the fuel excise,” says Premier Dominic Perrottet. “But hopefully this new initiative will help ease the burden on NSW families.”

“The Dine & Discover vouchers are available for use at all participating service stations.”

The Premier says many NSW residents are yet to redeem all their vouchers.

“There’s literally millions of unused dollars just sitting on the Service NSW app,” he told DBT.

And any NSW driver who uses their Dine & Discover vouchers to buy $50 or more of fuel, will also qualify for a free service station sandwich from three days ago.