A heated stoush is developing between popular outdoor adventure clothing brand ‘The North Face’ and the Victorian Government.

Since the start of Victoria’s Coronavirus pandemic, the state’s Premier Daniel Andrews has been wearing North Face jackets, seemingly all the time.

Today, the popular US brand has formally requested he stop doing so.

“Firstly, dealing with the pandemic has absolutely nothing to do with outdoor adventure sports,” says a North Face spokesperson.

“But more importantly we don’t want our brand associated with Daniel Andrews.”

The Victorian Premier is being widely blamed for the state’s second wave of Coronavirus.

But he told DBT he has no plans to stop wearing the jackets.

“I’m trying to appeal to my Labor supporter base by dressing like a man of action, not just a suit-wearing bureaucrat.”

“Besides, I purchased six identical North Face jackets when they were on sale at 20% off a few months ago.”