Newtown IGA Introduces Chickpea Buying Limit Of One Tin Per Customer

Newtown IGA has announced tough new restrictions aimed at preventing grocery hoarding.

From tomorrow, customers will be limited to purchasing only one tin of chickpeas each.

“We’re implementing these new restrictions to help ease ongoing chickpea shortages,” says supermarket owner Peter Makari.

“We’ve had intense chickpea panic buying here since the start of the Covid-19 crisis.”

The nutrient dense legume is used as a popular meat substitute for vegetarians, and its an important ingredient in hummus.

“We’ve been consistently out of stock for weeks,” says Peter Makari.

DBT also understands that falafel prices are currently going ballistic.

Newtown IGA already has a one-pack per customer limit for its other high demand items; toilet paper, baby wipes and lentil beans.

More to come.