New Research Shows Vaccination May Be Ineffective Unless You Post A Selfie Of It

The Prime Minister is urging anyone who gets vaccinated to make sure they share a selfie of it to social media.

“Please, do the right thing,” says Scott Morrison. “We’re all in this together. We desperately need to lift our vaccination selfie rates.”

It follows new research showing the jab may be ineffective for those who don’t post a photo of it.

The University of Sydney has found 1.7% of vaccine recipients contracted Covid after failing to post a selfie to either Instagram or Facebook.

That compares with only 0.2% of those who did.

“The results are clear,” says lead researcher Ivan Thomas. “If you don’t post a vaccine selfie, you’re putting yourself and others at risk.”

The Prime Minister says Job Keeper will now only be given to those who can provide screen shots as evidence of their vaccination selfies.

More to come.