New Report Lists Sydney Airport As Australia’s Most Popular Easter Getaway

SHIT SHOW: Sydney airport has been named as Australia’s most popular Easter holiday destination, as chronic staff shortages and a flood of travellers cause heavy delays.

“Our report shows many travellers are spending more time at Sydney Airport than their planned destination,” says Linda Lewis from the Transport and Tourism Forum.

And the situation is set to worsen as many Australians get their first chance to travel after being pent up for two years during the pandemic.

“Now I remember why I fucking hate travelling,” says one Sydney man on his way to the Gold Coast. “I’ve been waiting to check in since Monday morning.”

“This is meant to be a relaxing holiday and all I have is anxiety, frustration and a warm bottle of water which an airport worker gave me.”

With check-in queues stretching for up to 1km, Sydney Airport is being criticised for not preparing for the Easter break when they knew there’d be an influx of travellers.

“We are sorry for any inconvenience,” says a Sydney Airport spokesperson. “Please be patient and enjoy your stay!”