SUFFERING IN SILENCE: A new helpline is promising to support people who send emails then go directly to sent items to read it from the recipient’s perspective.

Sydney man Mark Rundle admits to doing this for almost every email he sends.

“I’ve always already read the email before sending it, but only when reading it from ‘sent items’ do I get the true recipient experience,” says Mr Rundle.

“It really allows me to put myself in their shoes.”

The 31 year old also says it also allows him to pick up the spelling mistakes and typos he missed while proofreading before sending the email.

“All these mistakes seem to pop out of nowhere, it’s very annoying,” he says. “I should just read it properly before sending.”

And Mark Rundle is not alone. The condition is said to affect 1 in 3 Australians.

“Reading emails from sent items is also when I always seem to notice that I forgot to include the attachment,” says another email user.

Anyone seeking help with the condition is urged to call 1800 777 989.