A new dating app has launched to connect singles with neck tattoos.

After going live last week, ‘Hickie’ has already gained almost 1500 users.

“All our users have one thing in common,” says Hickie founder David Molnar. “They’ve all dramatically lowered their dating and job prospects by getting a neck tattoo.”It’s believed more than 350,000 Australians have significant neck tattoos.

“It’s a fast growing market,” says Molnar. “And many of our users are unemployed, so they’re a captive and highly-engaged audience.”

Hickie users say the app has re-invigorated their dating lives.

“It’s nice to date people who made the same grave life error,” says Steve Croft. “I had a massive dry spell after getting my neck tattoo 18 months ago, but after joining Hickie last month, I’ve got several prospects.”

The app founders say they’re also considering launching a seperate dating app for people who stretch their ear lobes so they can wear gauge earrings.


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