Nation In Crisis: Australians Discover that MAFS Is Not On Tonight

Australian TV viewers have been left in shock today upon discovering the normal MAFS Sunday slugfest is not on tonight.

“What the hell?” said one woman. “What do they expect me to do, watch 60 Minutes or something?”

The Nine Network says the popular reality TV show is not on tonight because of Easter Sunday. Instead the final commitment ceremony will air tomorrow night.

“This has taken me completely by surprise. I need my MAFS Sunday night fix,” one man told DBT.

“I feel a bit like a good friend has cancelled on me at the last moment.”

Viewers are gearing up for an explosive final few weeks of the series, as the nation takes sides over who is the most unliked contestant, Bryce or Rebecca.

And when MAFS finishes, many reality TV fans will also watch Big Brother, as they continue to use fake drama to distract them from their actual lives.

More to come.