MUG DEALER: Sydney drug dealer quits supplying cocaine, to focus on selling Stanley Cups

BLACK MARKET: A prominent drug dealer servicing Sydney’s eastern suburbs has announced a lucrative career pivot.

Max Renwick is tapping into the latest craze taking the internet by storm: Stanley Cups.

“I’ve currently got about 3,500 Stanley Cups, worth an estimated street value of $280,000,” he told DBT.

It remains unclear where he’s sourcing the stainless steel cups from, but he’s selling them in an abandoned warehouse in Surry Hills.

“There’s been a long queue of buyers outside the warehouse since I started selling them on Monday,” he says.

“And I’m also offering home delivery.”

Consumer experts are beginning to question how long Stanley Cups will remain so popular.

But for the moment at least, Max Renwick has his eyes on the prize.

“I’ve always been about giving the people what they want,” he says. “And right now, they want Stanley Cups.”