TIME TO SHINE: Double Bay mother of 2 Linda Pavlo has come clean on why she spent $55,000 on her child’s first birthday party.

“I’ll be honest, I work in event management. So I wanted to show the other mothers how good I am at it. It’s also a great opportunity to flaunt our recent home renovations.”

The pink and purple themed party yesterday featured custom balloons and cake, cookie decorating lessons, make up artists, as well as pony rides in the back yard.

The emerging wedding planner also dressed her family in custom matching Christian Dior outfits.

“I realise the kids won’t remember the party after a day or two, but hopefully the other mums will ask me for advice about their toddler’s bday’s and for events generally.”

Linda Pavlo also hired a 3-person video team to document the event.

The videos will be available on her Instagram ‘within days.’