Morrison Government Enlists Pauline Hanson To Help Create Anti-China Memes

The federal government has formed a new coalition with One Nation’s Pauline Hanson, united in their goal to create anti-China memes.

The new meme taskforce – which also includes Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton – will be supported by the Australian Federal government’s graphic design team.

“This is a propaganda war,” Pauline Hanson told Channel 7’s Sunrise this morning. “Australia needs to get onto the front foot to weaken these Chinese attacks.”

It comes in response to a wave of offensive anti-Australian memes published by Beijing’s mouthpiece, The Global Times.

“We’re currently negotiating with the Daily Telegraph to be our anti-China meme publishing partner,” says Scott Morrison. “We’re having another chat with the editor tomorrow.”

It’s understood the anti-China meme taskforce has been discussing one meme idea showing a Wuhan lab worker making Coronavirus.

“We should also do something comparing Xi Jinping to Winnie the Pooh, he hates that,” suggested Pauline Hanson.

“Or maybe something highlighting China’s dismal human rights record.”

The taskforce says it hopes to have its first meme ready for release tomorrow afternoon.