Morally Bankrupt TV Network Hires Conservative, Washed Up Host With Zero Credibility

An elderly self-serving commentator still desperate for attention has signed an exclusive deal with subscription TV channel Sky News to host a weeknight primetime program.

Alan Jones will front his show – called ‘Alan Jones’ – at 8pm four nights a week.

“Jones and Sky News are an excellent fit,” says media analyst Simon Barnes.

“They’re both climate deniers, and they both rely on a conservative narrative to target the only demographic who watch TV news these days – baby boomers.”

Industry insiders are questioning Sky’s move to give Jones his own show, after defamatory comments he made about prominent women while on air with his former employer 2GB.

“Yes, but some boomers still think Jones is OK,” says Sky News executive Neil Crossen. “They don’t realise or understand that he’s been completely discredited.”

Sky News hopes its viewer numbers will move into double figures when the first episode of ‘Alan Jones’ goes to air on July 6.