Melbourne Hairdresser Spotted Buying Hi-Vis Vest From $2 Shop To Take Part In Tradie Protest

FrEEdumB FiGhTEr: Appearances can be deceiving. Just asked Melbourne hairdresser Lyle Gray.

Today the 31 year old salon worker was spotted buying a hi-vis vest from his local $2 shop so he could pose as a construction worker.

“I’m on my way to join all the other tradies protesting today in the CBD,” he admitted to DBT. “Truth is I’ve never been on a construction site in my life, haha.”

He’s among thousands of people demonstrating the construction sector shutdown.

“I didn’t have much else on today, so I thought I’d involved,” he says. “Hairdressers are closed too, so the protest kind of applies to me anyway.”

“I’ll just have to try and act as macho as possible, so I might also get a bandana for my head a temporary neck tattoo and maybe even a bag of meth.”

“It should be a fun day.”

More to come.