PR Queen Roxy Jacenko is accused of paying a young actress to defecate repeatedly on the street outside her Paddington office.

“The media was obsessed over the Brisbane poo jogger story, so perhaps Roxy thought she’d replicate the story in Sydney and make it all about herself?” says one media analyst.

Footage captured by Jacenko’s CCTV cameras shows the poo jogging actress pretending to jog, before stopping to relieve herself on the street.

The actress told DBT it was a great opportunity for her.

“I’ve always wanted to have a starring role on TV, but CCTV is also exciting,” she says.

NSW Police has begun interviewing the poo jogger to find out if she was paid by Jacenko for the role.

In a statement, Roxy Jacenko denies the accusations and says she’ll provide more comment once she’s had her hair and make up done.

More to come.

(DBT is a satire news publication)