Married Couple Finally Start Spending Time Together Again As MAFS Returns

The new series of Married At First Sight is providing some much needed relief for a local married couple.

Sydney’s Paul and Jenna Manning say they are finally spending time together again.

“We also hung out briefly to watch the MAFS reunion a few weeks ago,” says Paul. “But apart from that, we haven’t spent any quality time together since last year’s MAFS season.”

The pair admit to constant fighting over the course of their four years in wedlock, and say the show acts as a form of therapy.

“Watching the contestants marriage’s fail dismally makes us feel better about how bad our own marriage is,” says Jenna.

“But it can also work against us. If the TV couple’s are going through similar issues we are facing, then it can trigger massive fights between us.”

MAFS continues on the Nine Network tonight at 7.30pm.