Sydney’s Reece Withers has been awarded journalism’s most prestigious prize for posting the daily covid numbers to his Instagram stories.

“NSW Health would like to thank Mr Withers for his commitment to sharing important public health information,” said Gladys Berejiklian.

“We need more people doing this so the broader public can be informed and updated.”

It’s the first time the Pulitzer Prize has been won by someone who isn’t a journalist.

“Actually, I’m just some random bloke who took a screenshot of the NSW Health website and posted it to my instagram stories at 11am,” Reece Withers told DBT.

“It’s great to receive this honour for my work.”

And, Mr Withers is also earning praise from his 237 Instagram followers.

“I’d have no other way of knowing what the numbers are,” said one them.

“I guess I could just go directly to the NSW Health website, any news website, or TV station, but having it on Reece’s Instagram stories is so much easier.”

“Reece, thank you so much for being across all the latest information and keeping everyone informed.”