Man Who Posted Covid-19 Graph To Facebook, Now Considering Career As Infectious Disease Expert

A Sydney finance worker has announced the next brave step in his career.

“I’m considering becoming an infectious disease expert,” says Daniel Denny.

“In finance, we use technical analysis to forecast outcomes based on historical data. For Covid-19, it’s no different.”

It comes after the 31 year old posted a Covid-19 infection rate graph to Facebook.

“I’ve done the numbers,” he says. “We are on the cusp of a major medical emergency if hospitals can’t keep up with new Covid-19 cases.”

Despite having no experience in either science or medicine, Denny says he’ll continue to provide regular facebook updates on the Coronavirus.

“There’s a lot of panic and fear in society at the moment,” he says. “I urge people to follow me on Facebook for a level headed practical view on the issues.”