Man who found out painting costs $155k, briefly acting like he can still afford it

HIGH ROLLER: A Sydney man visiting an upmarket art gallery today tried to pretend a painting worth $155,000 is not out of his reach.

Lyle Stubbs was looking at the abstract red painting when he called over a gallery assistant to enquire about cost.

“If I’m honest, I thought it’d be worth about $500 dollars,” the 32 year old later admitted to DBT.

But he tried to remain unfazed when finding out he was off the mark by $154,500.

He reportedly took a deep breath, then adjusted his posture and attempted to channel the spirit of a high society art collector.

“It might actually look good in my lounge room,” he said after finding out the cost, which is more than his annual salary.

It’s understood he continued pondering the artwork for another 20 seconds, before leaving the gallery in his Honda Civic empty handed.