Man who dominates ‘the lads’ group chat with high quality banter, struggling to write half-decent sentence in birthday card to wife

WRITER’S BLOCK: Eric Hagen is known to his mates as “the King of Banter” for his razor-sharp chat in the boys WhatsApp group.

But he’s finding his quick wit and poignant prose harder to come by while writing a birthday card to his wife.

“I’ve been sitting here for 30 minutes, and all I’ve got so far is: ‘I hope you have a fun birthday,'” he admitted to DBT.

The ordeal began when the 32 year old set out to express his feelings in a birthday card, an annual challenge that escalates in difficulty each year.

“I’m trying to write something quirky and heartfelt, but I’ve literally got nothing,” he says.

After racking his brain for more than one hour, he eventually decided to use AI to fill the void.

The end result was the best birthday card he’s ever written.

“It was so quick as well,” he said.

“I was back dominating the boys group chat in no time.”