HELLO SAILOR: Just in case people didn’t notice it, local man James O’Malley is on a yacht today, and he has a sailor’s hat to prove it.

Moments after sailing out of Rushcutters Bay, the 28 year old put on his hat for a photo and posted it to Instagram.

“People who are scrolling through their newsfeeds might miss the fact that I’m yachting,” says O’Malley.  “That’s why I’m using the sailor’s hat to really drive the message home.”

O’Malley and his friends have zero sailing experience so they hired the vessel plus a captain for 4 hours.

It’s understood James O’Malley was busy on his phone checking his Instagram likes, or taking other photos, for most of the outing.

“If I’m honest, it got a bit boring at times. But I got some good photos out of it.”

At the time of publishing this article, the photo of him in a sailor’s hat had 13 likes on Instagram.

“Not a bad day’s work if you can get it!” he says.