Moments after sailing out of Rushcutters Bay this afternoon, local man James O’Malley put on a sailor’s hat for a photo and posted it to Instagram.

The 28 year old – who has no sailing experience – acknowledges that he was simply using the hat to reinforce that he’s on a yacht.

“People who are scrolling through their newsfeeds might miss the fact that I’m on a boat, so I’m using the sailor’s hat to really drive the message home,” says O’Malley.

The group hired the yacht plus captain for 4 hours.

It’s understood James O’Malley was busy on his phone checking his Instagram likes, or taking other photos, for most of the outing.

“If I’m honest, it got a bit boring at times. But I got some good photos out of it.”

At the time of publishing this article, the photo of him in a sailor’s hat had 13 likes on Instagram.

“Not a bad day’s work if you can get it!” he says.