It was meant to be a laid back catch up with friends, but it ended up being a Cryptocurrency masterclass.

While out for lunch at Indigo cafe in Double Bay, David Rogers went to extraordinary lengths to repeatedly drag the conversation back to his favorite topic: Cryptocurrencies.

“Guys, Ethereum is set to explode,” he told his friends. “Trust me you need to get on board ASAP. Also have you guys heard much about NFT’s?”

His friends appeared visibly reluctant to talk about Crypto.

“I tried to change the topic,” one of the friends told DBT. “I asked our other friend Amber what she did last night, but David was having none of it.”

“Guys, listen up,” interjected David Rogers again.

“Bitcoin, Ethereum and the other digital coins are revolutionising the world of finance. Who gives a fuck about what Amber did last night!?”

As the waiter brought over the bill, witnesses say they overheard David Rogers loudly asking if he could pay with Bitcoin.

This is a developing story. More to come.