Man Using Blow Up Doll In Passenger Seat So He Can Use T2 Lane

A Sydney man claims to have found a legitimate traffic hack which is saving him “hours each week.

Paul Fischer is using an inflatable sex doll in his passenger seat so that he can use the T2 transit lane, which is a lane reserved for vehicles with a minimum of 2 passengers.

“There are two occupants in this car,” he told DBT. “Only one of us has a heart beat, but I’m not sure how relevant that is.”

The Vaucluse man has been putting a seat belt around his blow up doll and using the T2 lanes on New South Head Rd every day to and from work.

He claims to be saving 35 minutes a day, but police say he is breaking the law.

“A mannequin or pet of any kind doesn’t count,” says senior constable Simon Perera. “If we catch him, he’ll be fined $175.”

Paul Fischer says he has no immediate plans to stop riding with his inflatable friend.

But appeared reluctant to comment on whether he is using the doll for any other reasons.

More to come.