SOCIAL ANXIETY: A Sydney father has gone to great lengths to avoid small talk with a neighbour at Coles Bondi Junction this afternoon.

“I was desperate to avoid him,” Jack Wilton told DBT. “I was tired after a big weekend and I was just running into Coles quickly to get Coco Pops for the kids.”

But his supermarket visit was prolonged after spotting his neighbour 20 metres away in the fruit juice section.

“He didn’t see me, so I quickly turned back toward the cereal boxes, and pretended to read the nutritional information.”

But after a minute of stalling, Wilton says he looked back toward the juice section and his neighbour was still there.

The frustrated 41 year old ended up lingering around the cereal aisle for another 5 minutes.

“Then finally, my neighbour was gone. I grabbed the Coco Pops and headed back out to the car park,” he says.

“It was a disappointing way to spend 7 minutes, but much better than actually having to talk to someone.”