Man Sends Work Email But Fails To Include The Phrase: ‘I Hope You’re Staying Safe And Well’

An insurance salesperson has lost his job after failing to include the words: ‘I hope you’re staying safe and well,’ in a work-related email.

Rob Hanbury yesterday emailed a colleague in the accounting department to check some expense reports, completely failing to include the key phrase.

“This is unacceptably selfish behaviour at this time,” says Hanbury’s boss. “It seems like he has no interest in whether his colleague has covid, or how they’re dealing with lockdown.”

It’s understood the matter was referred to the company’s HR department which determined his role at the company is no longer tenable.

Rob Hanbury says it’s an overreaction.

“Of course I care about the health of my colleague,” he says. “But it was just an internal email, with a quick admin related question!”

HR experts told DBT that Hanbury’s dismissal serves as a timely reminder for all workers to include the key phrase in work-related emails.

“It’s only seven words,” says HR expert Chris Lilling. “Everyone should keep using these words in all work emails, at least until lockdown ends.”