A BIT RICH: A Sydney man is being accused of intentionally trying to mislead his social media followers.

Todd Parkes posted a photo of himself at the helm of a luxury speedboat, with the caption ‘Living The Dream #Winning’

“He asked me to step out of the photo,” claims the boat owner Antony Stanton.

“I thought it was a bit weird because it’s my boat. To be honest, he was lucky to be invited.”

Soon after Todd Parkes posted the misleading photo, other boat owners came forward with similar complaints against Todd Parkes.

“He did the same thing to me,” Dan Mullins told DBT.

“When I took him out on my yacht last month he posted a montage of pics making him look like some kind of billionaire business mogul.”

“It’s a bit rich for someone who processes insurance claims for a living.”

Todd Parkes was unavailable for comment.